Greetings, It’s Yendys!

Have you visited my NEW website yet? Here’s the link: I know some of you have been looking for my old website. With no regrets, the old site is now long gone and I have a brand new one! Many, many thanks to my friends at Nu Web Order Designs for their quality service and for supporting my continuous growth and development. I do invite you to stop by the site anytime and let me know how you like the new look. There’s a lot happen this summer for all of us…I personally am participating in several upcoming events. I will be attending a shoot with  the amazing events & portraits photographer Raoul Brown as a Head wrapping consultant (click for more info this Saturday. Also, later that evening I’ll be vending at the Zodiac Lounge in Bedstuy, Brooklyn  (click the link for more info: At the beginning of Spring 2012, I embarked on a new journey of bringing  the awareness about my natural hair care services, my Ancient Blends plant-based hair and body care product line and the other holistic wellness services I offer to a much wider audience. I believe my products and services are a gift to all who choose to embrace life’s greatest potential. The experience is unique and blessed with energy aligned with the soul of the universe. In 1992, the initiation of creating my own plant-based product line was infused with divine purpose and intention-as can be seen and experienced by the individual. In earlier  July 2012, I participated as a vendor at The 41st Annual International African Arts Festival. That was an amazing outdoor summer event which entailed  much hard work as you can imaging.  I ultimately did enjoy meeting folks who I’d received emails and other correspondences from for years about my products.  Also, getting acquainted with new folks who were very happy to learn about Ancient Blends Naturals was very fulfilling. Oh, lastly, the best surprises were meeting my  Twitter and Face Book friends in person!!! As summer heats up, my wonderful journey continues to sizzle with more upcoming out-door events; a few photo shoots, natural hair meet-ups, workshops and much more. I am finding time to rest, work and play….BALANCE IS KEY…I hope to see you soon!

                              ‘With Photographer Raoul Brown and the lovely Maat’

                                  ‘Aura Clearing demo at The Zodiac Lounge’