Ending July With A Celebration For Haiti


We had the perfect ending to a very full month. On Sunday, my husband and I attended an awesome event…H.A.R.T (Haitian Artists Rallying Together) for ROOT, ROCK, RACINE FEST…http://hartforhaiti.tumblr.com/ A Fundraising Celebration for Haiti which was held at Fisherman’s Dawta Restaurant (in the backyard garden). Here’s a link for more info about them http://fishermansdawta.blogspot.com/  Also spicing up the night air was Zing Experience http://www.zingexperience.com/ fusing Haitian Roots, Reggae and Rock to create a soulful sound along with the hypnotic guitar and chants of Monvelyno Alexis http://www.monvelynoalexis.com/. Also representing at this amazing event was Haiti155 http://www.haiti155.org/ We recently had the honor of meeting Lionel and Constance (really nice guys) of Haiti 155, which is a New York based not for profit organization committed to creating a permanent bridge of friendship between the people of the United States and the children of Haiti. The atmosphere was filled with inspirational folks, finger-licking cuisine, great music,and good vibes…Looking forward to more events from H.A.R.T

 Ending July With A Celebration For HaitiSarah Dupuy… folk, world and soul songstress. More about Sarah Dupuy: http://www.voicesfromhaiti.com/inner-views/sarah-dupuy-ayiti-cherie/

Enjoying heart-warming sentiments with friends…songstress Sarah and Debbie of Martine’s Dreams http://martinesdream.com/

Brown Rice Family: winners of WNYC ‘the battle of the Boroughs: Brooklyn 2012 …We finally got to experience their amazing sound…I heard about this group earlier this year via a client. They also create amazing natural soaps…Yes, muli-creative!!! http://brownricefamily.com/ I hear they’ve got some great events coming up for August…We’re looking forward to seeing them perform again!

Old Favorites Coming Back…From Ancient Blends With Love


Old Favorites Coming Back...From Ancient Blends With LOve

I’ve decided to re-introduce a few old favorite Body Butters to my product line. There’re about nine delectable, aromatic blends in total. I used to offer all of these butters about 4 years ago. Recently, one of my online shop customers requested a blend that I’d stop making. So, during the process of creating that Body Butter for her, I was actually re-inspired. As the scent filled my kitchen-healing-lab, I felt the need to bring them all back! I know you’ll just absolutely love ’em up!

I’ve already started with ‘Inspiration’… a scent-sational blend of patchouli, lavender, vanilla, etc, etc, etc LOL…hmmm just real good!! So, just to drop a few names (of the other Body Butter blends that is 😉

COMING SOON TO: http://www.cowrieshell.com/shop.html

Chi–a blend of bay, cloves, anise, etc…
Enlighten-Mint–a blend of spearmint, tangerine, etc…
Passion–a blend of rosemary, geranium, etc…
Transcend–a blend of jasmin, lime, lemongrass, etc…
Celestial—a blend of mint, grapefruit, etc…

These Body Butters (spiritual tools) assist in purifying your personal energy field. They may also be used to help you create a protective shield for your auric field as well as to promote a sense of wellness, enabling you to reach your highest vibration of tranquility and love. Ancient Blends Body Butters will help to sooth and heal numerous skin afflictions from eczema and rashes to burns and scar tissue. The pure butters are great for both after-sun care and winter protection. They can be used literally from head to toe… great for the hair and gentle enough to use on the face and lips.


My New Healthy Hair Herbal Tea Drink


My New Healthy Hair Herbal Tea Drink

My new ‘Ancient Blends Healthy Hair Herbal Tea Drink’ is for DRINKING!!! I do have another product called Ancient Blends Herbal Hair Tea Rinse (which is a topical deep treatment for hair). For years, many people have asked me if this combination was okay to consume internally. I personally felt that due to the amount of herbs in that blend…sixteen different herbs, it was really too much to drink on a regular basis. So, I’ve blended a smaller combination that can be consumed safely and also daily for the benefit of growing healthier hair. This is a natural, caffeine-free drink. You can drink it hot or cold. It’s also organic and contains all of the essential minerals and vitamins for promoting healthier hair. This tea works from the inside (where healthy hair originates) to assist in promoting hair and scalp healing…it’s also a nice alternative if you have a hard time swallowing vitamin capsules, I know a lot of people do.This all natural hair growth combo is also a delicious tasting way to care for your natural hair as well as definitely benefiting your body! Ancient Blends Healthy Hair Herbal Tea Drink is an all natural hair growth blend of certified organic Burdock Root, Peppermint Leaves, Nettle leaves, Shavegrass Leaves and Rosemary Leaves. These hair nourishing herbs were hand-blended. They are rich in calcium, biotin, silica, chlorophyll, copper, zinc, vitamins A, B, C and E, potassium and iron. This hair growth recipe works by purifying the blood stream to boost circulation which will then promote healthy hair growth. As a herbalist, I do recommend drinking loose teas whenever possible instead of pre-packaged tea bags. This allows the water to thoroughly extract the healing properties from the herbs without the hindrance of a filtered tea bag. I also recommend that you drink at least three cups of this blend per day to benefit from it’s healing and nurturing qualities. DO NOT ADD SWEETENER…Simply sit back and enjoy ‘the experience.’


Feeling Re-Newed


I had a massage therapy session at Empirical last night Whooo!!!…(https://www.facebook.com/pages/Empirical-Therapeutic)

After being  welcomed into this amazing space with a huge, loving, much anticipated hug  from my long time sistah friend Khadijah…I was shown into a zen like, softly lighted treatment room. The room had a beautiful picture of a freshly painted lotus flower hanging on the wall. The Lotus flower is regarded in many different cultures  as a symbol of purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth. Just the perfect imagery for such a space, I was truly at home. It is also one of my favorite flowers… So Neferatum (unlimited potential) I got comfortable and laid on the table… remembering when I used to do this two times every month. Massage was very much a part of my healing day ritual. Usually my healing day started with an early morning trip to the local bath house, a massage, a colonic, and a lavender salt bath to end the day. Afterwards, I would just relax my way into the evening with a bowl of veggie soup, a green salad or a cup of herbal tea. Before I’d realized it; the past two years of  just constantly going and doing for my business, my family, and everything else that keeps us busy…had slipped in between ‘doing me.’ This being the case, it only made sense that those aches and boulders that the massage therapist felt in my shoulders last night had taken up residency…It was really beginning to mis-shape my shoulders! As I stepped into that space, I consciously stopped, put it all down and gave myself over to her healing hands. As she began to work her magic, I closed my eyes, silent breathing, releasing and relaxing; allowing it to all melt away from me. I let go of all that did not belong to my body temple. I experienced many moments of total peace and a few times I drifted off into some other euphoric realm. As she got into the massage, working on my shoulders and back areas, I had thoughts of  “please don’t let her ask me to move or even turn over to work on the other side, cause I’m feeling like cooked spaghetti right now!” She worked hard, moving  those blocks of tension filled boulders out of my body.

This morning my whole body feels renewed, tension all gone, posture erect once again!… Much gratitude for the work of healing hands at Empirical. I’m definitely planning more frequent visits. We have to be careful not to allow stress to reach those detrimental levels where our immune system is suppressed or our nervous system goes into a state of emergency and damages our bodies permanently. As we mature in age, we should plan to receive stress-relieving bodywork on a consistent basis. Our bodies would benefit from regularly releasing those aches and pains instead of holding on to them, and our minds would have time to wash away the stresses of our daily lives and recharge. I did experienced a few ‘aha’ moments while laying on the table also. I can see clearly where I’m heading now. I have some amazing projects in the works! That’s the clarity that happens when we allow healing hands to do the work.

*Experts say that the body and mind can learn to live more calmly, more efficiently, and more healthfully when frequent massage shows the way. That makes for a healthier whole being, allowing us to continue to live life at its fullest, even as we deal with each new stress or everyday challenges.*

Call Today for an appt… Empirical Therapeutic Massage and Acupuncture

(212-513-0979) Tell them Yendys sent you!!!

Head wrapping: The Sacred Art


Head wrapping: The Sacred Art

Head Wrapping or Head Decoration is an important part of everyday global dress. Head wraps are common cloth fabric adornments for covering ones hair. They beautify the wearer, identify with cultural ancestry and can also be worn to protect our hair and scalp against the the elements. In a typical African headwrap, a length of plain or patterned, cotton, cloth fabric is wound around the head to create a variety of different looking styles. Simple gauze scarves, wool, , muslin, silk, cotton  may also be used. In many countries, some styles are intended to provide padding to make it easier to carry heavy items on top of the head. Headwraps are commonly worn by women all over the world, even men in some regions wear head wraps. Ancient African queens wore a variety of head garments, not all of which were wraps. The royalty of Nigeria and the nearby West African region wore head wraps, but the queens of Nubia and Egypt wore headdresses. In countries such as Jamaica, Ethiopia, India and several others,  head wraps are worn for spiritual/religious reasons. Due to harse climates in countries like Niger, Mali and Morocco, head wrapping is part of everyday wear.  I see Head wrapping as an art form. We give the fabric life! So, when you decide to adorn with a head wrap, you have to bring your awesome sense of style to the mirror and you will see that  the results are fabulous. So with practice, practice and more practice… I promise you that with time, perseverance and your own unique sense of style and comfort, the sacred art and act of head wrapping evolves into part of your wardrobe and a more beautiful you!

What’s Happening At Zodiac Lounge?


What's Happening At Zodiac Lounge?

I’m getting up and out to enjoy this amazing day!!!
So, I’ll see you in less than 6 hours at Zodiac Lounge. It’s at Freebrook Academy… 375 Stuyvesant Ave in Brooklyn, NY 11233. I’m so excited…This evening come out and meet Astrologer Kevin Uehlinger, Tarot Reader Ayanna Maia and get a Thia Yoga Massage with Tinuola Bello. Experience my plant-based natural hair and body product line…Ancient Blends Naturals by your’s truly! Also, meet Lindsay Fauntleroy, she’ll be sharing  her healing flower essences. I have to say that I’ve just started using her essences and I’m already noticing their benefits. Astrologer Samuel Reynolds will be setting the record straight about the Crabs. I’m personally tickled by that 😉 LOL.. Not to mention a short birthday celebration for all the Cancers in the house complete with treats! SEE YA ;-)!!! Oh, here’s the link for much more info: julyzl.eventbrite.com




We simple have to take time out to notice the subtle energies around us. They sometimes come in the form of little incidences which repeat themselves until we take notice. Recently, I became aware that I was spilling things a lot—water, juice, oil, etc. At first, it wasn’t that big of a deal, accidents do happen and I honestly don’t respond to spilling stuff the same as I used to. No swearing or anything lol, just a disappointed ’awww man!!! That’s mostly because of the clean-up job which I’m thinking ‘I really don’t have time for this right now!’ So, I’ll just toss a towel over the spill and keep it moving. So, the liquid spillage went on for about three weeks, developing into a ‘THING’ before I finally got what all of this ‘water’ was trying to tell me.

On the first morning of the one of Brooklyn’s biggest vending events of the summer, I was getting ready… setting up to sell my natural hair and body product line (a commitment of vending for five days outside in 90-something degrees) the water that I had just filled up my Bamboo plant vase (props for my product table) with was now spilling/sprawling all over everything…!!! I had to work real fast to move my precious stock off of the table before ruin set in. I handled that situation gracefully and went on with my day. The very next morning, I was all set up and just sitting with my back up against one of my beautifully arranged display tables thinking to myself how the humidity seemed to be creeping deep inside my body even though I was consuming large quantities of alkaline beverages, fruits and even misting my tan with my own lavender moisturizing blend (which I kept in a cooler). Next thing I felt, as if someone deliberately tossed a bucket of water on me to cool me off; the water from the Bamboo plant vase came running/drenching down my back and flowing across my table filled with products again!!! This time I just really had to smiled then laugh out loud; I wasn’t that hot any more. I was thinking “wow, I was just mumbling about being hot!” I was starting to realize that something else was happening here also. I wasn’t sure what that something else was at that moment though.

I was moving fast, grabbing my items to place directly in the sun to dry up before the shoppers started to come into my tent. I took off my slippers, thinking I might as well enjoy this cool, wet grass under my feet instead of thinking ‘what a hot mess this is!’ During my frantic attempts to dry stuff off, my friend (I’ll call her Jen) stopped by to give me some of the fruit smoothie she’d just made. So, as I’m moving about quickly re-assembly my things, I told her what had been happening to me these past two mornings. She smiled her knowing smile and simply asked if I’d been doing my libations? hmmm…no, I had not been! ( A libation is a ritual pouring of a liquid as an offering to give thanks and honor to the Divine Spirit or in memory of lost loved ones. Other liquids like wine, olive oil, etc may be used also. The libation may be poured into something of spiritual significance, a potted plant or into the earth.) Of course; that was it…!!! I was not ‘giving thanks’ or ‘opening the way.’ Here I was, so busy being human, and just so busy doing STUFF.

In those moments of prepping for the festival, I’d been way too busy, or so I thought. I had totally forgotten the most essential aspect of my stewardship. I was about to ask for more blessings without doing my spiritual work. I had simple forgotten that I was a spirit first…having a human experience and not the other way around. So, the following mornings I pour my libations and ALL was well. The festival was a success. Ancient Blends Naturals, by Yendys has truly become a house-hold name as it was prophesied so many, many years ago. Days after the festival, the water spilling along with glassware breaking and bottles of juice spilling started to happen all over again…I was so tired that I had fallen right back into over looking this essential part of my daily ritual. I kept promising out loud that I would get to it. But, I just kept going, doing STUFF.

Well, when that last bottle of pineapple/ginger juice (that I wanted so bad) fell out of the refrigerator and broke, while I had several clients in the studio waiting for natural hair services, I knew what I had to do! So, with no more hesitation; after work one evening last week, still tired from making natural hair magic all day… I got quiet and went within. I removed all of the implements from my altar, cleaned, rearranged and recharged it as i prayed for forgiveness for my neglect of Spirit. I also added a three tier water fountain which I’d bought in China Town. It was the one thing that I truly desired for myself after the festival was over (hmmm, light bulb moment.)

Now that the water is flowing constantly in a container… lol, I can always hear it. That sweet, simple reminder that I must not forget my sacred practice of ‘opening the way’ and ‘giving thanks’ each morning. Thank you Spirit for your gentle reminders and for helping me to stay on track. ASHE’



Greetings, It’s Yendys!

Have you visited my NEW website yet? Here’s the link: www.cowrieshell.com. I know some of you have been looking for my old website. With no regrets, the old site is now long gone and I have a brand new one! Many, many thanks to my friends at Nu Web Order Designs for their quality service and for supporting my continuous growth and development. I do invite you to stop by the site anytime and let me know how you like the new look. There’s a lot happen this summer for all of us…I personally am participating in several upcoming events. I will be attending a shoot with  the amazing events & portraits photographer Raoul Brown as a Head wrapping consultant (click for more info http://www.raoulbrown.biz) this Saturday. Also, later that evening I’ll be vending at the Zodiac Lounge in Bedstuy, Brooklyn  (click the link for more info: https://www.facebook.com/TheZodiacLounge.) At the beginning of Spring 2012, I embarked on a new journey of bringing  the awareness about my natural hair care services, my Ancient Blends plant-based hair and body care product line and the other holistic wellness services I offer to a much wider audience. I believe my products and services are a gift to all who choose to embrace life’s greatest potential. The experience is unique and blessed with energy aligned with the soul of the universe. In 1992, the initiation of creating my own plant-based product line was infused with divine purpose and intention-as can be seen and experienced by the individual. In earlier  July 2012, I participated as a vendor at The 41st Annual International African Arts Festival. That was an amazing outdoor summer event which entailed  much hard work as you can imaging.  I ultimately did enjoy meeting folks who I’d received emails and other correspondences from for years about my products.  Also, getting acquainted with new folks who were very happy to learn about Ancient Blends Naturals was very fulfilling. Oh, lastly, the best surprises were meeting my  Twitter and Face Book friends in person!!! As summer heats up, my wonderful journey continues to sizzle with more upcoming out-door events; a few photo shoots, natural hair meet-ups, workshops and much more. I am finding time to rest, work and play….BALANCE IS KEY…I hope to see you soon!

                              ‘With Photographer Raoul Brown and the lovely Maat’

                                  ‘Aura Clearing demo at The Zodiac Lounge’