Greetings, my name is Yendys Nefer-Atum, welcome to ‘The Yendys Experience!’

 I currently live in Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn, New York. As you can see…I love, love, love summer-time, clothes and lots of color. In my photo, I’m posing for my friend in one of her dresses. I’ll feature her and her clothing company in an upcoming blog. So look out for that one.

My style is constantly evolving; it’s earthy, cultural, gypsy, eclectic cool, street style…I’m also really passionate about being on both sides of a camera. Oh, it would really be nice to have my own personal photographer on the other side of my mirror every morning…(smiling)

 I was born a natural creative spirit in Barbados, an Island in the West Indies. Hot, sunny days remind me of home and I’m comfortable…This summer has been my most colorful one yet. I know that it expresses what’s happening inside. These days I’m feeling even more invigorated and inspired than usual! Must be that double LIBRA energy on full troddle…

I’m a wife and the mom of two amazing young adult daughters, a wild herbs instructor, an urban gardener and a belly dancer (who hasn’t had time to shimmy in months.)  I love re-creating inspirational spaces in my home and I also own a pretty nice collection buddah statues.

 I’ve been a business owner for almost 30 years in the world of natural hair and holistic health.  My plant-based hair and body care product line is called Ancient Blends Naturals. Feel free to visit my Etsy shop via my website at www.cowrieshell.com and become familiar with my all natural, aromatic, herbal hair and body care treasures. This past year  I’ve met many amazing people through the  international marketing my product line. It’s been a real blessing for me to be able to share my passion to a world-wide market. The responses have been phenomenal.

I look forward to meeting a lot more folks in my travels around this wonderful world of ours. (That includes following your blogs!!!) You may also connect with me here on http://pinterest.com/yendysnef/my-style/

I have worked from my home for many years, which has given me the quality of life that helps me to maintain my inner peace. I’m inspired to reflect head to toe feminine etiquette on a daily basis. I simply adore the sacred beauty of nature and sometimes bring it inside to adorn myself and my living space. I can spend hours sitting next to my indoor table-top waterfall (one of my altars) just listening to the sound of the water, I find it mesmerizing.

I do invite you to visit often and I promise to visit you too. Some days I might be inspired to post several times…there’s just so much going. I’ll be sharing tidbits from my part of the planet, my creative projects, healthy food ideas, yummy teas and other healthy drinks, cultural events I’ll be attending before the summer comes to a close, new products in my product line and other inspirations…

I plan to resume belly dancing once again in the Fall…In Honor Of The Goddess

The Creative Spirit

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