We simple have to take time out to notice the subtle energies around us. They sometimes come in the form of little incidences which repeat themselves until we take notice. Recently, I became aware that I was spilling things a lot—water, juice, oil, etc. At first, it wasn’t that big of a deal, accidents do happen and I honestly don’t respond to spilling stuff the same as I used to. No swearing or anything lol, just a disappointed ’awww man!!! That’s mostly because of the clean-up job which I’m thinking ‘I really don’t have time for this right now!’ So, I’ll just toss a towel over the spill and keep it moving. So, the liquid spillage went on for about three weeks, developing into a ‘THING’ before I finally got what all of this ‘water’ was trying to tell me.

On the first morning of the one of Brooklyn’s biggest vending events of the summer, I was getting ready… setting up to sell my natural hair and body product line (a commitment of vending for five days outside in 90-something degrees) the water that I had just filled up my Bamboo plant vase (props for my product table) with was now spilling/sprawling all over everything…!!! I had to work real fast to move my precious stock off of the table before ruin set in. I handled that situation gracefully and went on with my day. The very next morning, I was all set up and just sitting with my back up against one of my beautifully arranged display tables thinking to myself how the humidity seemed to be creeping deep inside my body even though I was consuming large quantities of alkaline beverages, fruits and even misting my tan with my own lavender moisturizing blend (which I kept in a cooler). Next thing I felt, as if someone deliberately tossed a bucket of water on me to cool me off; the water from the Bamboo plant vase came running/drenching down my back and flowing across my table filled with products again!!! This time I just really had to smiled then laugh out loud; I wasn’t that hot any more. I was thinking “wow, I was just mumbling about being hot!” I was starting to realize that something else was happening here also. I wasn’t sure what that something else was at that moment though.

I was moving fast, grabbing my items to place directly in the sun to dry up before the shoppers started to come into my tent. I took off my slippers, thinking I might as well enjoy this cool, wet grass under my feet instead of thinking ‘what a hot mess this is!’ During my frantic attempts to dry stuff off, my friend (I’ll call her Jen) stopped by to give me some of the fruit smoothie she’d just made. So, as I’m moving about quickly re-assembly my things, I told her what had been happening to me these past two mornings. She smiled her knowing smile and simply asked if I’d been doing my libations? hmmm…no, I had not been! ( A libation is a ritual pouring of a liquid as an offering to give thanks and honor to the Divine Spirit or in memory of lost loved ones. Other liquids like wine, olive oil, etc may be used also. The libation may be poured into something of spiritual significance, a potted plant or into the earth.) Of course; that was it…!!! I was not ‘giving thanks’ or ‘opening the way.’ Here I was, so busy being human, and just so busy doing STUFF.

In those moments of prepping for the festival, I’d been way too busy, or so I thought. I had totally forgotten the most essential aspect of my stewardship. I was about to ask for more blessings without doing my spiritual work. I had simple forgotten that I was a spirit first…having a human experience and not the other way around. So, the following mornings I pour my libations and ALL was well. The festival was a success. Ancient Blends Naturals, by Yendys has truly become a house-hold name as it was prophesied so many, many years ago. Days after the festival, the water spilling along with glassware breaking and bottles of juice spilling started to happen all over again…I was so tired that I had fallen right back into over looking this essential part of my daily ritual. I kept promising out loud that I would get to it. But, I just kept going, doing STUFF.

Well, when that last bottle of pineapple/ginger juice (that I wanted so bad) fell out of the refrigerator and broke, while I had several clients in the studio waiting for natural hair services, I knew what I had to do! So, with no more hesitation; after work one evening last week, still tired from making natural hair magic all day… I got quiet and went within. I removed all of the implements from my altar, cleaned, rearranged and recharged it as i prayed for forgiveness for my neglect of Spirit. I also added a three tier water fountain which I’d bought in China Town. It was the one thing that I truly desired for myself after the festival was over (hmmm, light bulb moment.)

Now that the water is flowing constantly in a container… lol, I can always hear it. That sweet, simple reminder that I must not forget my sacred practice of ‘opening the way’ and ‘giving thanks’ each morning. Thank you Spirit for your gentle reminders and for helping me to stay on track. ASHE’

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